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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Jose Rizal Santos SVD – Japan

Tuesday 18th Week in Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel has a number of lessons we can learn from. First, no matter how busy our Lord was, he found time to pray. If Jesus was showing us an example, would we find time to pray, no matter how tight our day is?

Second, in times of weakness, insecurity and lack of self-confidence; or even in times of presumptuous bravado like that of St. Peter, shall we be desperate and humble enough to call on Jesus, “Lord, save me?” In whatever circumstances and happenings in our life, even during this time of seemingly endless pandemic, the Gospel tells us to keep our faith and trust in the Lord.

Finally, wherever we are let us remember that we are Christians; as such, we continue the mission of Jesus to bring healing of soul and body, be it through our personal witnessing of a life well lived or extending assistance to alleviate the physical needs of people around us.

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