Logos Publications

Logos Publications Inc., is one of the media organisations by the Divine Word Missionaries in the Philippines tasked to create and distribute religious, biblical, and inspirational content as effective tool for evangelisation.

Logos Publications products includes well-loved and highly appreciated books such as:

Moments books by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

Word Alive, Salitang Buhay & Stories of Life and Laughter by Fr Bel San Luis SVD

Bible Diary, The WORD in Other Words

1000 Stories by Fr Frank Mihalic SVD

Logos Publications also published various highly esteemed pioneering works that put various academic disciplines in the Filipino context such as:

Fr Dionisio Miranda SVD on Moral Theology

Fr Leonardo Estioko SVD on Education

Leornardo Mercado on Filipino Philosophy

Other notable publications from Logos includes various academic titles in various fields.