Divine Word Missionaries

Saint Arnold Janssen founded the Society of the Divine Word (in latin Societas Verbe Divini – SVD) most commonly known as Divine Word Missionaries in Steyle Holland on September 8, 1875. Years later, Saint Arnold also started the missionary congregations for women, the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (Servae Spiritus Sanctae – SSpS) on December 8, 1889 and the the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpertual Adoration (Servae Spiritus Sanctae Adoration Perpetue – SSpSAP) on December 8, 1896.

Saint Arnold Janssen

The missionary congreagations founded by Saint Arnold Janssen rapidly spread and increased in numbers. Today, there are 5977 Divine Word Missionarie present in all continents working particularly in 79 countries (SVD Catalogus 2022).

In Africa, Divine Word Missionaries work in 17 countries, namely: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Congo-Kinshasa, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Tchad, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

As of Jan 2022, there are 15 Filipino SVD Missionaries in the African continent and Madagascar. This website and the Mission Partners of the Society of the Divine Word will showcase the missionary experiences of these Filipino Divine Word Missionaries in Africa.

Divine Word Media is a digital media initiative of the Mission Partners of the Society of the Divine Word to disseminate relevant information about the Catholic Church and the various evangelisation ministries and humanitarian services of Divine Word Missionaries around the world.

Divine Word Media also promotes products Logos Publications Inc., the publishing organisation of the Divine Word Missionaries in the Philippines and Verbum Bible, the Bible publication ministry of Divine Word Missionaries in Republic Democratic of Congo. In this way, Divine Word Media brings to a wider audience the best religious, catholic, christian, inspirational and biblical media contents of SVD publications.

Divine Word Missionaries give their lives to proclaim Jesus, Divine Word, to others by direct evangelisation and providing various social services to underprivileged sectors of society.

Divine Word Missionaries are members of the catholic congregation founded by Saint Arnold Janssen in September 8 1875 in Steyl, Holland, the Society of the Divine Word (Societas Verbe Divini) or SVD.

Divine Word Missionaries are priests and Brothers who share the Word of God with those who may not have heard the Gospel. We also proclaim the Good News by serving some of the most underprivileged of God’s children.

Each priest and Brother has been called to this unique vocation–spreading the Word of God where the local church is not yet viable–while emphasising interculturalism, education and professional skills within mission communities. Our missionaries bring healing, education, support and a life-changing help through the person of Jesus, the Divine Word, to the people we serve.

Divine Word Missionaries expressed mission as prophetic dialogue by means of Bible, mission animation, communications and justice, peace and integrity of creation advocacies and services.

Today, 6 000 Divine Word Missionaries work in 84 countries.