Persistence Before Jesus

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The WORD in other words by Fr Franz Gassner SVD – Macau

Wednesday 18th Week in Ordinary Time

The time of pandemic poses a great challenge to us. It makes us rethink many things in our lives. Even our relations and values are readjusted towards a meaningful direction.

On the other hand, this virus reveals many weaknesses in our government and society. Pouring out their grievances on social media, people point out the lack of an overall plan to face the pandemic. They write about the greed of some officials in procuring vaccines and the chaotic distribution of goods. We can safely affirm that there is evil that thrives concurrently with the pandemic; evil that must be exorcised.

But driving out demons requires faith and persistence. The woman in the Gospel today is a good example of this. She approached Jesus with childlike but resolute faith on behalf of her daughter. How can Jesus refuse such a loving, persistent and childlike faith, even if at first he paid no attention to the woman?

How often do we experience in our own life when prayers and petitions hit walls and deafening silence? The Gospel tells us never to give up. Prayers said are never in vain, be they personal or prayers to exorcise the demon that lurks in the hearts of the government and other sectors of society.

With persistence, strong and lively faith and childlike attitude…we approach Jesus and pray, “May your kingdom come!”

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