God’s Fearless

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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Roberto Ibay SVD – Divine Word College of Urdaneta

Monday 7th Week of Easter

Bravery is a characteristic of a person who has an authentic faith in God. A person who has encountered God’s mercy is fearless. Courageously, saints or holy people offered their lives to God even if it entailed giving up their own precious lives. Saints were bold to perform their commitments/tasks in an extraordinary manner, even against all the currents. Such fearlessness did not come from their own power and strength but from God’s grace.

“Take courage I have conquered the world,” Jesus says in our Gospel today. He assures us of his loyalty in accompanying us in our journey amidst difficulties and uncertainties. In a world that moves around in a pleasurable, utilitarian and materialistic mindset, Jesus invites us to seek the noble, good and the eternal values of the gospel.

Today, to be brave is to prioritize unselfish services rather than personal gains. Nowadays, to be courageous is to go against the trend that real changes are achieved through power, competition, and unlimited accumulation of wealth, instead of solidarity, tenderness, compassion, and sharing of resources.

Bravery in the light of the Word today is expressed in recognizing God as our security and not in our achievements or personal merits. To be bold is not allowing ourselves to be driven by the “throwaway culture,” instead we are regulated andguided by the unwavering commitment to uphold the dignity of every person we encounter every day.

Do we have enough courage to imbibe the mindset of Jesus? Does our faith in the risen Jesus inspire us to be brave?

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