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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Atilano Corcuera, SVD (DWS, Tagaytay City)

Wednesday 27th Week in Ordinary Time

Image source: Wikimedia Commons — Christ in Gethsemane

 Shorty was his name because of his stature. His wife was sick and was bedridden. His seven children, who were attending our Sunday school, were the ones who brought me to meet their parents. Upon entering the house, I immediately noticed the many books on the table in the middle of the house; one thick book was Jerome’s Biblical Commentary. Obviously, Shorty was interested in the Bible. 

 During our friendly conversation about theology and the problems of the world, I jokingly asked him, “Shorty, how come you have plenty of kids, masipag ka, ano?” He clapped his hands with delight and laughing, said, “Father, don’t you know that the more children you have, the more mouths there are to call God Father?” His answer stunned me, and he continued, “Children, come here in front of father.” When the bubbly kids were lined up before me, Shorty said, “Guys, let’s hear your song to God, our Father!” The children started singing, “Pater noster qui es in cælis…” in Latin.

 I’ll never forget that experience that brought goosebumps all over me. “The more children, the more mouths to call Father.” I do not know where that family is now. All I am sure of is that their Father in heaven certainly takes care of them. 

“When you pray, say, Pater noster…” 

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