Work With No Burden

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD (CKMS, QC)

Tuesday 27th Week in Ordinary Time

 The story is told about a man who wept heavily as he viewed his brother lying in the coffin with his violin on his chest. The year before, this man’s father was also laid in the coffin with his guitar on his chest. Their family band had a tradition of having their instruments buried with them. Asked why he was weeping so hard, his response was: “I am the pianist in our family!”

 Many of us go through life burdened with so many things. Real or unreal, necessarily or unnecessarily, as Jesus pointed out to Martha in today’s Gospel.

Travel light. This is the thumb rule for all of us pilgrims in this world. We all are “bakwits” (evacuees) in this world. May we not be too attached to our worldly possessions, positions, and relations. We are all on a journey to God’s heart, and in the end, it is only He who will really matter.

 Travel bright. May we not be burdened with heavy hearts, dark thoughts, and negative feelings. Life is too short for entertaining negative thoughts and feelings, no matter how valid they are. Think about this: Kung namatay kang malungkot, di malungkot kang namatay. Choose to be happy. Your happiness does not depend on things or people around you.

 Travel personal. Don’t be too focused on functions, achievements, and positions. You are a person. People around you are persons. God is very personal, and His love for you and me is very personal and real. 

Don’t focus on your work for the Lord.

Actually, it’s His work.

Focus more on the Lord for whom we work. 

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