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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Ferdinand Bajao SVD (Philippines) for Monday 11th Week in Ordinary Time

My parents are not Saints, but I think, I was born to a pair of warm-hearted people. My late mother, a pharmacist, would ask me to take the hand of guests for the traditional mano. They were not relatives but hungry and thirsty strangers whom my parents would invite for lunch or dinner, or even for a space to rest for the night.

My mother would always say: They might be Jesus in disguise. So at times, “Jesus” would eat some of our food, stay in our house, and get dressed in my own shirts for free! So freely given. Mama would remind me: I can still buy you new ones. Case closed.

My father, a retired policeman, is no different. He could rival also the good Mother Teresa of Calcutta at times. He would take care of inmates – acclaimed criminals that may deserve less in the eyes of society. Our pillowcases and blankets would bade us goodbye in favor of the tired heads and bodies of these inmates. My father would also give free medicine from our little botika (pharmacy) when necessary, rendering my mother a good hearted but poor businesswoman. 

I think the operative conviction here is going the next mile, as mentioned in the Gospel. It is a vocation actually that enables one to serve beyond what is charted, planned, or what is simply just. It is crazy because the world thinks that one should always be compensated and paid for what they one does.

However, there are times when life requires love more than justice. Parents working hard to make ends meet. Teachers guiding their students beyond regular duty. All, simply because they love. Love being the fulfillment of Justice.

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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