Eucharist as a three-fold treasure

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Bubi Scholz SVD (Germany)

Solemnity of Corpus Christi, The Most Holy Body and Blood Christ / A

Explorers going on an expedition, bring along equipment and food. When we go on a journey we bring along our baon (food, provisions).

Today’s first reading describes the rough journey of Israel through the desert. Luckily, their baon was provided them by God himself, miraculously: Water from the rock, bread (manna) falling from heaven. For our journey through life as Christians, Jesus also provides baon, a very special baon! The readings today call it “the body and blood of Christ.” It is given to us under the signs of bread and wine in the Eucharist, in holy mass and communion.

Paul and Jesus explain the great value which the Eucharist has for us as we move through life. The Eucharist is a three-fold treasure. It, provides us with: (1). unity with Christ;(2). community with one another;(3). strength to give life to the world.

First: Unitywith Christ. According to Paul receiving the Eucharistic bread is a “participation in the body of Christ.” Jesus even more clearly expresses it: “He who eats my flesh (body) remains in me and I in him.” In the Eucharist I have close personalunity with Christ. That’s why after communion we keep silent for personal prayer. Jesus becomes the power of life in me.

Second: Community with others. When Christ comes to each one personally he also connects all with one another and makes them into a community. Paul says: “Though many, we are one body.”At that time, they did not use small hosts but one whole loaf which was divided into pieces. Since all received a piece from one and the same loaf, they all became one, a community. Through the Eucharist we are with one another and for one another, in good will and compassion which is shown in the sign of peace.

Third: Giving life to the world. Jesus says clearly “I give my body for the life of the world.”Receiving the Eucharist, we are strengthened to give life to school, work, society, by honest work, respect for people, building justice and peace. Many years ago, I saw a book entitled To Hell on Monday. The author complained that people went to Mass on Sundays, but from Monday to Saturday behaved as if they had never known Christ. If we join the Eucharist in the spirit of today’s readings we will change the title of the book to “Turning the world into heaven on Monday”.

The Eucharist is really a treasure. How good that we Catholic Christians join in it every Sunday!

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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