Carry the Light

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The WORD in other words (2018) by Fr Victor Yparraguirre SVD – Taiwan

Monday 25th Week in Ordinary Time

Darkness makes us afraid, insecure and uncertain. It makes us defensive and untrusting. We need light to be delivered from fear, insecurity and uncertainty. We need light to be relaxed and trusting.

There is also darkness beyond the physical one. This is the darkness brought about by ignorance, falsehood and yes, sin. To be delivered from this kind of darkness is the message of today’s gospel.

We are not the light itself; rather, we are called to be vessels bringing this light. The gospel challenges us to carry this light so that it can enlighten others. And thus it asks us how we are as bearers of this light. It is a reminder for us lest we try to “outshine” the light, the gospel.

If we believe that the gospel is the Word of God, then let us be faithful to it. Let its power shine through, yes, in spite of being unworthy vessels that we are.

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