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The WORD in other words (2018) by Fr Jose Rizal Santos SVD – Japan

Feast of Saint Thomas, the Apostle – July 3

The gospel of St. John tells of the experience of St. Thomas, called Didymus, who didn’t want to experience hearsay or “tsismis.” He wanted real proof seen with his own eyes and felt by his touch that Jesus indeed had risen from the dead and resurrected.

And he got what he wanted! Jesus, the Risen Christ, came right in front of him and told him to touch his wounded side. Greatly embarrassed and apologetic, he uttered, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus, in turn, said,“Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed!”

Nowadays, the world is filled with so many make-believe stories and superficialities that no one can blame anyone for asking for real explanations and supporting evidence. People are very careful now not to be easily deceived or tricked.

A number of pseudo-christian denominations claim they have the authentic religious faith in Jesus Christ, and countless others trying to mislead Catholics to joining them. They quote Scripture passages that are suited to their own views outside of Jewish-Christian Apostolic traditions. Some Catholics fall into these hands.

We need to be cautious especially those whose faith commitment is not always consistent with their practices. At the same time, we need not be too sophisticated and meticulous about our search for truth to begin to believe.

Our faith in the Risen Christ goes beyond sensory, physical and mental perceptions. In truth, we need simplicity and humility of heart to receive the gift of faith from the Spirit, far beyond “seeing is believing”! Even in our spiritual blindness,intellectual and psychological insecurity, we are rest assured that trusting in His infinite and Divine Mercy, He will sustain our love for God and simple faith in the Risen Christ.

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