Victory Under the Guise of Defeat

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Jonas Piodo, SVD (Hamburg, Germany)

Friday 2nd Week of Advent

No one can please everyone. People support what suits them. Even Jesus’ way of life and John’s ways did not sit well with their contemporaries. Jesus said, “wisdom is vindicated by her works.”  

If a company does not achieve success in sales despite all advertising campaigns, it has to change its product, or it will go bankrupt.

Incidentally, this temptation also exists in the Church of today, the temptation to replace God’s gospel with a human gospel that is better received by the majority of people today.

What matters is not appeal to the majority but the truth that Jesus Christ is here; that he moves into the hearts of people and stays there forever. We become bad heralds if we promote another kingdom for the sake of success.

When it comes to gauging how unsuccessful we are in courting others for Jesus Christ, let us remember that even His redemption victory was achieved under the guise of defeat – his death on the cross.

It is part of the nature of God’s Kingdom and God’s wisdom to be successful under the very appearance of failure.  

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