Proclaim the Good News with Joy

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Florencio Lagura, SVD (Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City)

Tuesday 28th Week in Ordinary Time / Year 2

To think big, “think mission,” means at times to go against conventional wisdom.

 Following the startling example of Fr. Masterson SJ, who defied logic and opposition coming from his confreres by buying grasslands in Marikina for their university to take the place of overcrowded Padre Faura,  Fr. George Heinemann, then SVD provincial superior, firmly believed that the hills of Tagaytay are a better setting for the training of future religious and missionary brothers and priests. Many laughed at these ideas.

Jesus was appalled at seeing the religious leaders of Israel so petty in their following the life-giving Covenant with God. The Pharisees and scribes had reduced the loving relationship with God to a series of ludicrous practices like endless and meticulous washing of hands as well as the exact amount of tithes to be offered to the Lord and the Temple. Such small-minded following of religion blinds people to the real meaning of being sons and daughters of God. Such a narrow-minded, even twisted version of religion eliminates the joy of the Good News. 

In his letter to the Romans (Year 2), Paul speaks of his pride in, the joy within, and the immense hope he treasured in preaching the Good News the Lord  Jesus had entrusted to him. 

Fr. Heinemann gave his best, decided with firm conviction, and boldly carried out the plan for a much better place where men will enjoy the peaceful place and the restful time preparing themselves to be preachers of God’s word with courage, conviction, and, above all, with joy. 

History has shown that great vision trumps human convention. 

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