Which kind of soil are we?

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Elmer I. Ibarra, SVD (Sydney, Australia)

Saturday 24th Week in Ordinary Time

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Using images from everyday life, today’s gospel expounds the fate of a seed when it falls on a path, on rocky ground, among thorns, and fertile soil. Some are like seeds that fall on rocky ground – full of enthusiasm on a new project/activity but, lacking solid foundation, they fall away when difficulties arise. They move about with a “ningas-cogon” mentality, like dry cogon grass when lighted by fire blazes very intensely but lasting only a few minutes. 

Some seeds that fall among thorns get choked and fail to produce mature fruit. Our world has many distractions/attractions (money, video games, social media, etc.) that can hinder a mature and serious relationship with God who is almost forgotten until we need something. 

Finally, Jesus tells his listeners of a seed that produces a hundredfold. Ordinarily, you’d be lucky to produce a tenfold harvest. But a hundredfold?. Yet, this is Jesus’ promise to those who hear the word, embrace it, and persevere in good and bad times. Despite trying and challenging times, with God’s help, a hundredfold harvest is possible.

Which kind of soil are we? Are our hearts like the pathway, the rocky ground, full of thorns, or a rich soil where the seed can produce a hundredfold crop? Maybe our hearts need tilling and some fertilizer. Nevertheless, let us not lose heart and ask the Lord to make the soil of our hearts fertile so that when we receive the seed of the Word of God, it will become a fruitful plant and yield a harvest hundredfold.

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