The Old is Good

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Edgardo Bugtong, SVD (Taiwan)

Friday 22nd Week in Ordinary Time

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“The old is good.”  This statement is not exaggerated. All of us long for those good old days, for the familiar things of the past, and for those that have provided us with convenience and security. The “old” evokes nostalgia.

The parable in our gospel today highlights the importance of the “old.” There is much wisdom in going back to them. Of course, we should not despise the “new” either because every day there is something new happening. And we all know that the only thing permanent in this world is change. Thus, we should be open to change as well.

Nevertheless, let us learn to go back to our traditions and draw wisdom from them. The Bible is one primary source. Same too with the rich religious practices in our parishes. Let us try to understand them. The designs, the exterior, and the interior of our churches are telling us stories of our predecessors in the faith. Be slow in tearing them down. They can never be undone. 

Let us learn to be appreciative of our traditions and also willing to learn something new each day. This is being wise. 

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