Conscious of God’s Presence

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Carlos S. Lariosa, SVD (CKMS, QC)

Saturday 20th Week in Ordinary Time

Photo source: wikimedia commons, Stamp of India – 1997 – Colnect 163640 – Mother Teresa

 A classmate of mine became a provincial superior.  To keep his sanity, once in a while, he would put on a hat, and with a broom or bolo (cutlass) on hand, do some cleaning in the compound or trim the hedges. One such day like this, an expensive Mercedes Benz came into the compound, and when it halted, a well- heeled woman came out.  She called on the man with a hat and asked him to carry the boxes from the car to the visitors’ room. She ordered him to come back for the rest before telling him to call Fr. Provincial to see her. The man took off his hat and said, “Ma’am, I am here.” The woman was embarrassed, but it was too late!   

My classmate was a humble man and was ready to serve everyone. As superior, he had no airs about him. I bet he was even prepared to suffer in silence to bring peace. That is the generosity of one who is very conscious of God’s presence as described by Jesus in the gospel (Mt 23:1-12).   

Guiseppe Sarto was of that same high caliber that made him Pope Pius X and later as a canonized saint. I don’t know why he was not given the title of “The Great” because what he left behind as his legacy has been radical and great. His devotion to the Blessed Sacrament led him to grant first communion to children upon reaching the age of reason. The privilege of going to frequent communion for all also started with him. That was only one of the revolutionary changes initiated during WWII! 

Let us serve God humbly so that whatever good we may have accomplished, God may be praised in every way! 

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