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Moments — October 24 2021 World Mission Sunday, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Someone once said that some people have a keen sense of humor, and others, have a keen sense of rumor.


In today’s Gospel (Mk 10, 46-52) we hear the story about a blind man Bartimaeus who heard that Jesus was passing by. Rumor had it that this Jesus of Nazareth was a miracle worker, so he cried out to Him: “ Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.” His trust was firm and strong on someone whom he has not seen. He had no sight in his eyes, but he had faith in his heart.


You and I have not seen Jesus, yet, but by God’s grace, we believe in Jesus and hope to see Him someday. We have heard about Him, and have believed in Him. For some, we are fools for believing someone we have not seen. It’s ok. We all are fools for something or someone in this life. We have chosen to be fools, for Christ.


When Jesus asked the blind man: “What do you want me to do for you?” his answer loud and clear: “ Master, I want to see.” If Jesus were to ask you right now what you want Him to do for you, what would you ask Him? (Pause for a while, and just tell Him right now that one thing you really want or need, and like Bartimaeus, believe with all your heart..)


The blind man left his secure seat by the roadside, and even threw aside his cloak when Jesus called him. Often, we do not hear and we do not heed to the call of Jesus because we do not part with our comfort zones and our “security blanket” and possessions. When God calls us, let’s obey and follow Him, on His own terms.


Jesus did not personally call the blind man, rather, He told His disciples: “Call him.” The Lord calls us to call others to Him. Today, we thank all the people who have helped us come closer to the Lord, many of whom we don’t even remember now. May God bless and reward them for their goodness, sacrifices, and love.


Today is a World Mission Sunday. I erroneously wrote in my last column that it was last Sunday. But, every Sunday is Mission Sunday. We specially remember and pray for world mission, and for our missionaries “out there”. Please remember too that we all are missionaries, wherever we are and whatever we do. What have you done, what are you doing to help spread the gospel, and God’s love?


We need missionaries in the world of politics and governance! We need urgently men and women who have a strong sense of mission for God and country. We don’t need more men and women who have a strong sense of “commission” for self-and family. We have so many of them who end up the “consomisyon” (problem) of our pitiful country and nation. Mama Mary, we need missionaries, not mercenaries in our government!


Last August 22, 2021, I wrote in my column: Hope with me! Let’s hope that by December, the night of COVID-19 will give way to the dawning of a new day. Ours is not an empty hope. It is founded on God’s love and mercy, and on His promise that He will not abandon us. Nothing is impossible with God. Let’s hope as one!


Sharing with you the lyrics of Sweet Quarantine which I paraphrased from the song “Sweet Caroline”. (Sing it!)

COVID began, we can’t begin to know it

But then we know it won’t last long

With the vaccines, and with our masks and precautions it will be over, over soon!

Hands, washing hands, praising hands, praying hands, touching GOD

Sweet Quarantine (with Lockdown)

Good times never seem so good

We’ve been confined (been confined)

But everything will turn out fine

Sweet Quarantine!


A Moment with the Lord: Lord, beyond seeing You, may we go on believing and following You. Amen.

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