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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Dindo Santiago SVD (Japan) for Friday 29th Week in Ordinary Time

It is quite fascinating to watch the weather forecast on Japanese TV. With satellites, radars, and supercomputers, present day meteorologists predict almost accurately the temperature changes on an hourly basis:  the amount of rain or snow, humidity level, earthquake occurrences. We even hear recommendations on what to wear during the day, when to put on face masks due to the amount of pollen, where to watch sakura blooming, or view autumn leaves.

Despite advanced technology within our reach, we are still faced with the complexity of Jesus’ question today, “Why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” Watching other segments of TV news, we realize the immensity of issues faced by the human race — world peace, sanctity of life, deterioration of human values, justice in our economic and political system, protection of the environment, etc. How much have we actually progressed in addressing these concerns that are far more important than the weather?

Concretely, we are called to open our eyes and look at our present society, to open our ears and listen to the cry of the people. What good have we done to change this world and improve the lives of many? We do not need to think of big answers. Rather, we can make little steps starting with our own family, with our community, with the people close to us.

Let us not allow the people around us to be left alone, and trod apath away from the Lord, such that before we know it we are putting ourselves at risk of being tagged along. Let us rediscover our path towards Him. We can build a family full of love that will spread widely to those around us, and lead others also to Him.

– Fr. Dindo Santiago, SVD (Japan)

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