The Lucky Ones by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

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Sunday Moments, October 11 2020

The story is told about a man who put his used refrigerator outside his house with a sign “REF FREE,” but nobody was taking it. Then he put the sign “REF FOR SALE, $50.” The next day someone stole it.

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 22, 1-14), we hear about the free and open invitation to the kingdom of God. God is giving His love freely and generously, but many ignore, and do not honor His invitation. How often have you and I have done likewise, and yet, God never stops inviting and loving us.

There are three kinds of invitees in today’s parable. The first are the “snobbish” guests, the privileged guests, who in spite of having been handpicked and chosen, refused the invitation. Many of us have been privileged and blessed by God, but have the temerity to refuse His call to be with Him, and follow Him.

The second guests are the proud guests who ignored the invitation because they had more “important things to do.” Often we have all sorts of excuses to belittle God, and exclude Him in our concerns and priorities.

The third guests are the “lucky ones,” the unintended and unlisted guests who ended up invited and welcomed to the feast out of God’s generosity. That’s us! God owes us nothing, and yet we have become fortunate beneficiaries of His grace and blessings, undeserving as we are.

There is the fourth kind—those who are in the feast, enjoying all the privileges, but “without a wedding garment.” Many of us are enjoying God’s blessings, but often are ungrateful, and are not obedient to Him. We are all the lucky ones, yes, but we must not push our luck too far. Let us learn to be grateful, and humbly respond to God’s tremendous love and generosity.

We miss our Sunday feast when we gather together in our churches to celebrate the Lord’s Eucharistic and real presence in our midst. Someday, soon, we’ll gather again as a people, more grateful and purified by this pandemic situation. See you soon! (In the meantime, see you “zoom”!)

One with you in celebrating the Lord’s feast through online Mass every Sunday at 10:15 a.m. (Facebook and YouTube: Divine Word Media). Also some short reflections on PassWordTV via Facebook and YouTube. One with you in spreading God’s word also through my book “Healing Moments,” which I personally sign along with a prayer for the recipient. For inquiries about the book, and how to help our missionaries, please get in touch with Abie: 09178052840.

Oct. 18 is World Mission Sunday. Let us continue to pray for our missionaries here and abroad, and support them spiritually and financially.

Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Sunday. May we all be mindful of their culture and values, and be more respectful and understanding of their circumstances.

“Nada te turbe (Let nothing disturb you).” St. Teresa of Avila whose feast day is on Oct. 15 reminds us as we go into our seventh month of quarantine due to COVID-19: “Let nothing frighten you, all things are passing. God never changes. Patience obtains all things. He who has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.”

Somebody once said that birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that those who have more birthdays live longer! Kidding aside, let’s all stay cheerful and hopeful during this pandemic. Let’s strive to be HEALTHY, HAPPY, and HOLY (3H).

A moment with the Lord: Thank you, Lord, we are the lucky ones. Help us to become the grateful ones. Amen.

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