Evil is real

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Samuel Clarin SVD (Philippines)

Wednesday 7th Week of Easter

Both readings are farewell speeches. The first reading is Paul’s farewell speech while the Gospel is Jesus’ farewell speech prior to His going back to the Father.  What is common to both speeches is a warning against the evil one. St. Paul warns the people of Ephesus of the evil that tries to invade them.  Part of the speech of Jesus is this:  “I am not asking you (Father) to remove them from the world but to protect them from the evil one.”

Today, Pope Francis also warns us of the reality of evil: “Evil is real in the world today. So pray constantly. Pray the Holy Rosary daily.  May Mother Mary spare and protect our children from the evil one.”

Looking at what is happening around us, we can affirm that Satan’s work continues. New born babies are abandoned everywhere, left by irresponsible mothers in church doors, or thrown in garbage bins, grassy areas, etc.; extra judicial killings are happening all over our country; victims of rape and violence and drug related cases are not unusual; and the number of suicides are increasing.

Who can do all these satanic-driven activities? It just shows that the farther we are from God the nearer we are to sin and satan. Thus, just as we eat three or five times a day to feed, nourish and strengthen our bodies, we need to feed our soul as well to combat the enemy.

In God alone can we  truly be victorius in this battle. May Mother Mary who is full of grace intercede for us.

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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