How to glorify God in our situations?

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Dindo Fernandez SVD (Japan)

Tuesday 7th Week of Easter

I showed my students at Nanzan University portions of the movie “Freedom Writers.” One  of the scenes is when Miep Gies -one of the Dutch citizens who hid Anne Frank – is told by one of the students, “You are my hero,” and she replies, “I am not a hero. I did what I had to do because it was the right thing to do. But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can within their own small ways turn on a small light in a dark room.”

Each one of us is called to a vocation; and for every vocation, a corresponding mission. In whatever situation we are in, whether good times or bad, anytime and anywhere at certain points in our lives, we are challenged to be true and faithful to this call, to persevere in good works, to do the right thing, to “turn on a small light in a dark room through our own small ways.”

We can never boast nor claim honor for what we had done, because we are simply responding to His call, to our duty as human beings to be of help to those in need, that others may know and glorify the Father as well. Such that finally at the end of our life journey, in all humility may we proclaim as our Lord Jesus says in today’s Gospel, “I glorified you on earth by accomplishing the work that you gave me to do.”

Today is another chance for us to reflect on our calling, on the work God has given us, and on our faithfulness to His will. Let us glorify the Father on earth today!

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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