How the Kingdom of God is among us?

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Bernard Espiritu SVD (New Zealand) for Thursday Week 32 in Ordinary Time

Lk 17:20-25

Have you ever experienced looking frantically for something which was in fact   just right under your nose?   This may help understand what Jesus meant when he said that the “Kingdom of   God is among you!” A lot of goodness is in each person, but over-familiarity with those close to us can cloud the eyes of our hearts toward that goodness.   

At a Mass I celebrated for a friend turning 50, the family and friends prepared a   special surprise event. His teenage son spoke with heartfelt appreciation of his dad and   sincere gratitude to him. I asked, “What’s the difference between a eulogy and what  you just heard delivered by this grateful son?” While everyone sat surprised at my   cheeky question, I continued, ” The difference is, today the son sang his dad‘s praises   while he is still alive and heard it!” 

It is life-giving for all when we see and appreciate   better the goodness in people while they‘re still with us.   When this happens, we likewise witness Jesus‘ Resurrection whose radiance and   beauty surely shine brightly for those whose eyes of faith appreciate the goodness of   the people they are in touch with. 

Was this what Jesus meant when he said: “For just  as lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of   Man be in his day?”

When we see more our brothers’ and sisters’ face — not the dirt on it — we see the Son of Man. As he had to suffer first, so have we too go through many   challenges that we can be more appreciative and caring of people close to our face and whom we have oftentimes failed to see.   

May we witness the presence of God‘s Kingdom already in your midst.

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