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Sunday Moments November 10 2019

The story is told about a wife who asked her husband: “Honey, is it true that in heaven we won’t recognize, we won’t even meet each other again?” In jest, the husband said: “Yes, dear, I think that’s why it is called heaven!”

In today’s Gospel (Lk. 20, 27-38), Jesus teaches us about the resurrection of the dead, for our God “is not of the dead, but of the living, for to Him, all are alive.” Yes, life goes on, and love goes on in heaven.

We carry all the loves in our heart in heaven, but our common focus then will be God Himself. We will all be caught up in Him who loves us most, in Him who is the true love of our lives.

Please take note that our God is a very personal God, and not some remote, unreachable force, or being, or a mere presence. He is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. On a personal note, my God is the God of Jerry, the God of Guillermo, the God of Concepcion. Oh, what a mighty, what a loving and personal God we have!

Try to have an ongoing conversation with Mama Mary as you go through your day. Whatever you go through, whatever you feel, whatever hurts or worries, you bring these all to prayer, and your day will be filled with grace, filled with God’s love and presence. Talk it over with Mama Mary, anything, or anyone at all.

I had no voice for three days last week because of cough and colds. How difficult it is to be voiceless! Now I know  and empathize with husbands who have no voice in the home. Kidding aside,  let us listen to those who have no voice, or those who are not listened to at all. One thing I learned, too, is the value  of whispering. People do listen more when you whisper to them. If you  are shouting, and loud, people will stop listening to you.

Riding in an electric car was quite an experience. So quiet and so hi-tech! But when James, the husband of my niece, Maye, let go of the steering wheel when we were cruising at the freeway, that was a scary and shocking experience at first. It was difficult to let go, and not to be in control. But, after a while, it was OK to hand over the wheel. So, too, in life—we must let God be the driver. My dear fellow backseat drivers, we must learn to trust Him more.

On the PAL flight from San Francisco to Manila, there was a call for medical personnel because of a passenger who had difficulty breathing. I also went and presented myself to the purser if I could be of any assistance. The purser, with a smile, told me: “Not yet, Father. The patient is OK. Just pray for him, and for the safe trip of everybody.”

It is hard to get sick in a foreign land. Thank God if there are relatives and friends who go out of their way to show their love and care. And of course, prayers give us strength. We thank God for our  3 Fs: Faith, Family, and Friends.

I will be in Bacolod for a Mass on Nov. 14 and to visit the Shrine of St. Ezekiel Moreno in nearby Talisay town. For those who need healing, say this prayer constantly: “St. Ezekiel Moreno, please pray for me. Make a miracle for me. Amen!”

Think about this: “Broken bodies can carry beautiful souls and beautiful bodies can mask broken souls.”

See you in heaven, someday. Not so soon! We still have a mission. May we continue to live the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.

A moment with the Lord:

Yes, Lord, thank You that we are dear to You, and that there is heaven. Amen.


  1. Dear Fr Jerry Orbos
    I need clarification regarding this – where does our soul go after death? I know and believe that there is heaven, hell and purgatory… but does our soul directly goes to one of the above or all souls wait for judgement day or the last day ? Just as we pray in the nicence creed ” we look forward for the resurrection of the dead ..”
    Is it right to comfort the grieving by saying… “dont be sad, your love one is already in heaven”
    Thanks and Godbless


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