Destiny and prayers for all souls

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Emil Lim SVD (Philippines) All Souls Days

In one gospel episode, the apostles thought Jesus was a ghost when they saw Him   walking on the water. They saw a feat defying the limitations of any physical man, so   they judged that they were witnessing the fearful sight of a human soul separated from its body—a spirit, or a ghost. 

Saint Thomas Aquinas is notable for recounting a visit   from the soul of Bro. Romanus and for writing in his Summa Theologica why God   would allow a soul to visit the living: first, as a warning; and second, to seek spiritual   assistance in the form of prayer for the departed souls. 

Our commemoration of All Souls day should inspire us to pray for those souls who have gone ahead of us, and   also to seek their help and prayers for ourselves.   

Today‘s gospel is very encouraging and truly good news to us mortals. We learn from Jesus own reassurance that God never wishes any soul to be lost, rejected or   damned. Unless, of course, if one wants to, by his own free will and way of life. We   also learn why Jesus came to die and rise from the dead was to impart the promise of   the resurrection to us who have come to believe in Jesus. 

Our real destiny is Eternal   Life — to live in the presence of God forever. That is where the good souls (saints) are   supposed to be.   

While remembering the dead in November, we also pray for the poor souls. One   beautiful and easy to remember prayer comes from St. Gertrude the Great. In doing   so, the poor souls become our friends. In times of need, therefore, they can be called   upon to help in moments when, for example, we are afraid of ghosts.

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