SVD and the Guardian Angels

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Ss. Angelorum Custodum (M). Ex dispositione fundatoris, S.Arnoldi Janssen. Angeli Custodes celebrantur ut patroni Societatis.

(Trans: Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels. From the disposition/ devotional practice of the founder, St.Arnold Janssen. The Guardian Angels are celebrated as patrons of the Society)

Today, we honor the guardian angels. The scriptures are replete with angelic presences. Jesus in today’s gospel (Mt.18:1-5,10) affirms that each child has an angel who sees the face of the Father in heaven.

The Church affirms that each of us has a heavenly companion who guides us and adores God in our hearts.

Our founder, St.Arnold Janssen considers the guardian angels as our holy patrons. In fact, in the first Rule, the Society has the title: THE SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD IN THE SERVICE OF THE KING AND QUEEN OF THE ANGELS. This affirms the founder’s high regard for the angels.

Today, No.406 of the SVD constitutions echoes in our hearts:

“In union with the Church, we praise God for what he has done in his angels and saints. We ask for their intercession and strive to follow their example.”

(Ponte Sant’Angelo/Roma/photo Fr Ferdie SVD )

Article credit to Fr Ferdie Bajao SVD

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