Need for good political, spiritual shepherds

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A father wanted to know what profession his four kids would pursue. So in a small room, on a table, he placed a stethoscope, a book on civil law, and a Bible.

He then called his kids one after the other and made them pick what they wanted. One took the stethoscope. “He wants to be a doctor,” the man said to himself.

The other one got the book on civil law. “He wants to be a lawyer.” Then the next one took the Bible. “He wants to be a priest.”

Then came the youngest. He went round and round the table. Finally, he took all the stuff! The father thought: “Ah, he wants to be a politician.”

That story shows not only the different vocations but also the not-so-flattering regard of politicians as caricatured by the youngest son. Obviously, not all politicians are considered that way. Tomorrow, May 13, is Election Day in the country.  Let us pray for an honest, peaceful, orderly, and credible election.

What’s most important is that we pray, reflect, and vote for good political shepherds and leaders. If we vote for candidates who have a bad track record and are known plunderers, and have not shown any positive achievement for his or her constituents, then we have nobody to blame except ourselves. Let’s not succumb to vote-buying, empty promises, and mere popularity of the candidates. Remember it’s the country and the future of your children that are at stake. YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!

Today is GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY. It focuses primarily on the call or vocation of spiritual shepherds in the Church like bishops, priests, lay brothers, and nuns. It’s also the call of those who exercise authority, like politicians, parents, superiors.

The call to the religious life is not necessarily dramatic or extraordinary, like that of Samuel who received his divine call while he was asleep in the temple.

The call can be casual or totally unexpected. One young man, for instance, who is now a priest said that he was challenged to enter the seminary by the inspiring talk of a visiting missionary working in Africa. Another relates that he entered a religious congregation through a crumpled brochure which he picked up from a trash can. He later kidded: “I got my vocation from the basura.”

In today’s World Prayer Day for Religious Vocations, let’s not only pray for religious vocations but also ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT young men and women who have the desire to take the “less travelled road.”

Parents can show their love and faith for God by supporting  and  encouraging their children. The truth is: it is God  who  manifests his love for parents when he chooses  one  of their children to serve Him. Sadly, however, some parents discourage their child’s to pursue their religious aspiration.

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