A Moment A Day by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

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Simple words filled with meaning and value to fill our days in fullfilling our dreams with God present in our lives and hearts. A compilations of 365 anecdotes and prayers to inspire us and appreciate the beauty around us, God’s grace and blessings upon us.


A Moment can make a difference in our day.

A moment a day with God can help us see better, feel better, act better and be better!

Our outlook in lifes refines us, but it is our “uplook” in life that defines us.

May this book, a collection of anecdotes, jokes, stories, and reflections help us to listen to God who speaks to us in simple and ordinary moments.

It only takes a moment a day with God to help us get going joyfully and meaningfully in our journey through life.

One with you,

(signed) Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

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