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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Franlou Brandon SVD – University of San Carlos, Cebu

Monday 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

Our lives are filled with many needs and concerns waiting to be addressed. The Lord himself is not blind and deaf to our sufferings and woes, so he opts to walk in our midst and journey with us towards the full realization of God’s intent for us and our society.

Nonetheless, the Lord can only supply what we lack in ourselves when we learn to acknowledge our need for his assistance. Take, for example, the experience of the blind man according to the Gospel for today. When Jesus passed by the roadside where the blind man had merely survived by begging, he did not waste time to tell Jesus about his poor condition and his long-time desire to regain his sight.

Here we can see the interplay of faith and grace in the life of a person longing to live life in its fullness. The Lord’s undeserved favor is waiting for a faith-filled container into which it can be poured. It happened that his grace found a blind man, whose humiliating situation in life had taught him to place with much audacity his faith in the rumored Son of David.

After all, the Lord has come so that we may have life to the full. Any deviation from that path is a kind of blindness—both physical and spiritual—that needs healing and restoration. So for all of us, the invitation is just the same. Whenever we fall, we repent and go back to the restorer of light in our darkened lives—Jesus.

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