Beyond Grieving

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The WORD in other words (2018) by Sister Ancille Elvena SSpS – Quezon City

Friday 16th Week in Ordinary Time

What can help me, fragile as I am, to attain and sustain the rich ground for theseed to grow and bear fruit? Definitely, I need God’s grace, trusted friends, mycommunity and many others to help me. I have seen this help happen to someone I met only recently.

Dr. Norman and Biva San Agustin were devastated when their only child, 11 year old Nikki, had a fatal skiing accident. How can he continue believing in God, supposedly a loving father who had the power to prevent the accident but did not? Where was Nikki’s Guardian Angel looking when she fell and was hurt badly? What Word from God will bring him consolation so that he can win this struggle between losing his faith and finding it again?

Joey, Norman’s long-time friend and the Board Chairman of the Paraclete Foundation Inc. (PFI), came to invite him to join with them in Bulihan, Silang and see how he could help the many starving children at the Paraclete Foundation Inc. Feeding Center. After giving it a serious thought, Dr. San Agustin accepted the invitation. Soon he was busy getting a building erected and dedicated to Nikki’s memory. The Feeding Center had concrete walls and sturdy roof plus classrooms for the young children in the Nikki San Agustin Building.

On March 15, 2017, thirty years after Nikki’s death, Dr. San Agustin went for the blessing of a new 2-storey school building of the Paraclete Foundation Community School, now one of the twenty-six parochial schools of the Diocese of Imus, Cavite. He was teary-eyed from amazement and gratitude for the “hundred, sixty, thirtyfold fruit” of the seed sown on his grieving, struggling-to-be-ready soil. He well understood that one must die so that many others will live.

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