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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Roderick Salazar SVD – Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City

Thursday 16th Week in Ordinary Time

What a great gift was given the disciples: to see and hear what Jesus was telling them when by contrast even some prophets and righteous people had eyes but did not see, and ears but did not hear. Today I pray that I understand what God tells me to be and to do.

I learn from the Prophet Jeremiah that God complains about how Israel has behaved: “in your youth, you loved me as a bride. You followed me even in the wilderness. And then you went after emptiness and became empty yourselves. You no longer asked, ‘Where is the Lord?’”

You have forsaken me, the source of living waters, and you have dug cisterns or tanks that hold no water.”

There are times, many times even, when I behave like Israel. I do not listen to the promptings of God. At times I do, but not all the time. There are other voices that to me at times seem more attractive. When it is for my own convenience and ease, I have eyes but I do not see or do not want to see; I have ears but I do not let them hear. And so I do what I want to do but only end up with regret – how else.

Today, I ask you, Lord, to please help me be consistent in listening to you, in wanting to hear you, and above all in following what you command. Let me not forget the many graces you give me. Let me always remember and give thanks. Indeed, as your poet W.H. Auden succinctly puts it: “Let all your thinks be thanks.”

Thinking of you, then, Lord, I am thanking you. Amen.

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