Driving Out Evil

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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Florencio Lagura SVD – Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City

Tuesday 14th Week in Ordinary Time

“A man passionately in love with China” was the fitting description for Fr. Theodore Kalwey, SVD. For many years Fr. Kalwey served as a Divine Word missionary in China, but the Red Chinese forced him into exile.

With a heavy heart, he came to the Philippines and served as a canon lawyer for the Archdiocese of Manila. He also taught at Christ the King Seminary whatever course superiors would assign to him. Wily seminarians, a bit bored with Fr. Kalwey’s droning voice when he lectured, would brighten up the classroom by asking the good missionary about his years in China. And without any hesitation Fr. Kalwey would regale the class with his exploits, especially about his assignment as an exorcist, where he had to fight against the devils and drive them out. In doing so, however, he had to pray hard, for he knew, also the devil, who he was.

The Lord Jesus had the power to expel demons and restore health to the possessed as well as the sick. Yet, some people accused him of doing so by the power of Satan himself, an accusation which Jesus readily debunked, for how can the evil one fight himself.

The evil that drove Fr. Kalwey and thousands of missionaries out of China sadly still persists. From heaven Fr. Kalwey is praying for his beloved adopted country to enjoy true freedom that only God can give.

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