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The WORD in other words by Fr Anthony Salas SVD – San Isidro Labrador Parish, Agusan del Sur

Monday 11th Week in Ordinary Time

The “offer no resistance to one who is evil” seems to be the reality among many Christians around the world today. On January 8, 2013 Reuters reported that there were around 100 million Christians persecuted all over the world. And early last year, the Italian-based Center for Studies on New Religions reported that Christianity is the most persecuted group in the world in 2016.

Although the persecution of Christians could be seen in the geopolitical contexts, the Gospel message today remains to be forceful, that humility is part of Christian witnessing. We are reminded that real power comes not from one’s political or economic influence but on how one rely and depend totally on God’s mercy andgoodness. It is indeed part of our Christian vocation to be of service to others for the sake of the kingdom.

In the Philippines, behind the attacks towards church leaders, priests and bishops by no less than the President of the Republic, is a message of constant renewal especially in the midst of the scandalous lifestyle of some priests and bishops.

Instead of engaging in an “eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” battle with those who criticize the church, we should engage it another way. The best response that the church and church people can give is by going back to the fundamentals of pastoral ministry, of care and compassion by the shepherds towards their sheep and also in living a life of simplicity, humility and deep spirituality.

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