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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Bar Fabella SVD – St. Joseph Parish, Bongabong, Or. Mindoro

Saturday 3rd Week Easter

I wonder why people of special needs would always find the Church a place of refuge from dangers, imaginary or otherwise. I have been assigned to different parishes and, every time, I knew of people who became almost part of our convent “family” and volunteering to do menial jobs in exchange for the acceptance they receive from our co-workers.

Just this morning, as I was having my breakfast, Monang, a regular “guest,” came by crying. According to her, she was beaten up by her older brother because they heard that the night before, she refused to leave the convent and did not want to go home. For the whole family, it was a shame that one of them would cause trouble or become a burden, especially in such a holy place as the church convent. For her, the natural place of refuge from the harsh environment she lived in is that place where “holy people” are supposed to be found, the Church.

“Master, to whom shall we go?” There are countless “Monangs” around us who see in us their only escape from the hard realities of life. But do they actually find in us Christ’s loving mercy by trying to be able to provide them not only their material needs but also the tender loving care and acceptance of Christ that should go along with them?

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