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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Bubi Scholz SVD – Steyl, Netherlands

Wednesday 3rd Week of Easter

1. There is hardly any graduation without a souvenir program which gives the photos and, often also, the graduates’ plan or dream for life.

2. In his youth, Jesus also had a dream for life. He spoke of it when his mother Mary asked him why he had remained in the temple. Jesus was 12 years old then, roughly equivalent to a high school student today. His answer: “Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?” His Father is God; the Father’s business is God’s will and plan. Jesus’ dream was not his own whim, fame, riches, or power, but God’s will and plan of life for all.

3. The dream of the young Jesus became his program in life. In today’s Gospel, we see Jesus grown up, 30 years old, fully engaged in carrying out God’s will and plan. He says: “I came … not to do my own will but the will of the one who sent me,” i.e., God’s plan.

4. And God’s plan, according to Jesus, is, first: “Everyone who sees the Son, i.e., Jesus, should have eternal life,” and second: “I should not lose anyone.” In other words, Jesus works that people may have life, true life, ever fuller life. Thus he can rightly say: “I am the bread of life.” How different from a life that only aims at accumulating riches and power for itself without any consideration of others. Certainly, it was not easy for Jesus to live his life as a blessing for others.

5. Whether young, middle-aged, or elderly, it is worthwhile reflecting on my plan or ideal in life. Am I basagulero, i.e., someone giving others headaches and problems? Or am I a “blessing” for others, i.e., enriching their lives, even if only in my own little way? To go by God’s will rather than by my preferences, to also keep others in mind rather than focusing only on myself, did not only give deep contentment to Jesus but it also to us.

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