Truth of the Resurrection

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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Emil Lim SVD, Catholic Trade Manila

Monday in the Octave of Easter

There are two contrasting reports about the resurrection of Jesus. The ones narrated by Mary Magdalene and the other women, and the report of the soldiers. An eyewitness report backs the good news; the other—the fake news about stealing the corpse from the tomb is funded by a bribe. Women announce the Good News, and men spread the rumors. Sino ang nagkakalat ng tsismis dito? (Who is the real rumormonger?)

Even in biblical times, the credibility of news sources is an essential factor to consider before we conclude on anything. But when it comes to divine truth, messages are often revealed to and announced by the weakest voice in society to challenge the powerful’s loud voice. The gospel still poses the question to us: which would you believe in? The truth of the resurrection of Jesus is a matter of faith. Only when it is accepted in faith that it becomes life-changing.

For us, the significance of Easter is not whether our minds are convinced but how our life is altered. For many Christians who lived before us, the certainty that Christ is victorious even against death is a source of courage and hope. “Do not be afraid!” Death can be a fact of life, but it is not the end of life. God promised more than what life on earth can give. It is a promise assured to us in our baptism into Christ. It is an orientation and a focal point of existence. And they were willing to offer their lives for it.

Hope is the certainty that God fulfills his promise. No matter how impossible the obstacles we have to face, God always has a way through for those who hope in him. Don’t ask me for tangible proof of my faith. Let my life be a testimony of my faith and my hope.

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