How Palm Sunday is Celebrated in Congo, Africa?

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Divine Word Missionaries works in four parishes in Kinshasa, the Capital of Congo. One among these parishes is Notre Dame d’Afrique, in Lemba Foire, Kinshasa.

Below are video clips of the highlights of the Palm Sunday Celebration where animated songs and dances marks the way the great feast is observed by the parishioners.

Rite of Blessing of Palm
Palm Sunday Procession
Sanctus – Holy, Holy, Holy
Hosana, Mwana wa Davidi (Son of David) – After Communion Thanksgiving Song

Congo is known for its lively (lots of dancing and singing) liturgy. Here in Congo, prayer is better expressed by the whole human person, that is, in words and in actions. Thus, Vatican gave the Church of Congo the previliged of celebrating the liturgy with dancing, clapping and singing.

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