Facing Struggles Like Saint Joseph

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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Anthony Salas SVD SVD– District House, Agusan del Sur

Feast of Saint Jospeh, the Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, March 19

St. Joseph tossed in his bed, disturbed, unable to sleep. Confused and full of doubt, he must have asked, “How come she is with child when we haven’t lived together”? That must have been an extremely difficult situation for him.

In our lives, we too were confronted with doubts, uncertainty, and confusion. We can’t deny the inner struggle to do good or to keep our promises. Or no matter how hard we tried to mend a relationship, we miserably failed. Times too there were when we feel betrayed by people we expect to side with us. Added to these are the instances we tried to resist temptations amid social pressures.

God uses intermediaries to communicate to us his assurance, care, and love. For St. Joseph, it was the reassuring message of an angel not to be afraid to take Mary into his home, for what she bore is of the Holy Spirit.

In many instances too God sent us many intermediaries: a human encounter, a powerful sermon, the presence of a significant person that affirms the presence of God in our lives. St. Joseph, after he accepted the message of the angel, freely took Mary into his home. And since then, he took responsibility for his decision and action. He took care of Mary and Jesus.

St. Joseph continues to pray for us and our families.

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