Measure of Greatness

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The WORD in other words (2022) by Fr Jerry Songcog SVD — Madagascar, Africa

Wednesday 2nd Week of Lent

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Corruption is a lingering problem everywhere that is very difficult to uproot. Among the most common corrupt practices is using one’s influential relatives and friends to get higher government positions. Many poor and underdeveloped countries fail to tap the best of their people for crucial jobs in government because those who get to the top are not those who are capable but those with good connections.

Sad to say that corruption seeps through the Church as well. Worse, Christians would sometimes think they could corrupt God with their hefty offerings to earn salvation without undergoing a genuine conversion of heart.

The mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee, tried to push the luck of his two sons by asking Jesus a favor of placing them on top positions in his kingdom. Jesus asked them if they could drink the cup of suffering that he was about to drink. With great enthusiasm, they said “yes,” perhaps thinking that this show of willingness could give them mileage for the position they were craving.

While Jesus said they would share in his suffering – and they did later in their lives – their request was for the heavenly Father to grant to whomever he wished, based not on external influence but in his goodness and mercy. Moreover, greatness in God’s kingdom is not measured by how much authority one has towards others but by one’s humility to serve and give oneself to others.

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