Praying for My Enemies

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The WORD in other words (2022) by Frt Godfrey Bondoc SVD — Divine Word Seminary Tagaytay

Saturday 1st Week of Lent

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I have a little secret in dealing with my enemies. I do not attack nor persecute them, but I PRAY for them. I put all their names at the back of the crucifix and entrust them to the Lord. I pray that nothing miserable will happen to them. Most importantly, I pray to free myself from the burden of thinking too much about them.

We know well that our “enemies” are the people who annoy, frustrate and destroy us. They are the ones who are not comfortable with us. They do not even trust us. They envy us and give us too much pressure. They see only the negative things in us. To be exact, they are only after our fall and failure. They wish us misfortune. They are happy when we commit mistakes and encounter difficulties.

Despite all of this, we are called to love them. Instead of doing the same evil things, we need to understand and respect them. We are always invited to show kindness and welcome them with patience and generosity, especially when they need help.

I forget all the things that they have done and embrace them with loving support. If we acknowledge them as our heavy crosses in life, remember that they are already nailed with Christ.

This is another top secret. Loving is not the only solution in facing our mortal enemies but also forgiving them. Once we learn to forgive them for their shortcomings and forget all the damages they have contributed to our lives, we will easily follow the perfection the Lord expects from us.

This prayer indeed contributed to how I relate with my so-called “best friends”: Loving Father, I choose to forgive everyone in my life, including myself, because you have forgiven me. Thank you, Lord, for this grace. (SVD VADEMECUM, p. 160)

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