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The WORD in other words (2023) by Fr Dudz Lero SVD — Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City

Thursday 1st Week of Lent

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I have known this woman for many years now. And the more the years pass, the deeper I get to appreciate the pureness of her soul and her unsullied faith. She is known to many for her wealth, but she is more popular to most because of her benevolence and kindness.

She gives without an air of reluctance and is always willing to give something even if you don’t ask for it. Many have abused her big- heartedness, and yet she does not seem to mind or see it. Her principle is always to give if you have something to give.

In one conversation we had, I braved to ask about her generosity. Her remark was simply inspiring, “Hindi po yan akin, bigay po yan ni Lord; natatakot ako na baka bawiin kapag hindi ko ibinahagi.” (What I have the Lord has given, I’m afraid the Lord will take it back, if I don’t share with others.)

I think that the question of whether God is generous or not is irrelevant already. He is. The question now is, do we see it? Do we see the hand of God working and blessing our lives?

It is tragic when people see that the blessing they enjoy comes only from their toil and hard work and fail to see God complementing all their efforts.

May we not fall into this pretense and deception. The ultimate source of what we have and are is God who gives good gifts.

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