Making sense out of pain

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The WORD in other words (2023) by Fr. Samuel Clarin, SVD — Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City

Tuesday 7th Week in Ordinary Time

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Sameba Cathedral Altar

From a post-resurrection perspective, the death of a benevolent and committed leader is hard to accept. Understandably the disciples of Jesus could hardly understand that a Messiah will be betrayed and will soon die. You and I also, like the disciples, never thought that Jesus would experience such a horrible and painful death.

Who would have thought that the people whom He was in constant company and were beneficiaries of his benevolence would betray, malign, and eventually lead him to Mount Calvary?

And this is the message of today’s Gospel – that Jesus had to experience suffering and death because of his great love for his people.                          

If not for the pandemic, you and I live a normal life. We would have enjoyed being with our loved ones – members of our immediate and extended family.

But have we experienced being betrayed, ridiculed and rejected by those we love? If so, then we share the experience of Jesus.

May this negative experience lead us to hold on to our faith in Jesus who can calm the storms of life and strengthen us in our journey towards his kingdom.

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