Pre-Taste of Christ’s Glory

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The WORD in other words (2023) by Fr. Edgardo Bugtong, SVD — Taiwan

Saturday 6th Week in Ordinary Time

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Many food products are available for pre-tasting in supermarkets and food stalls here in Taiwan. Bite-sized pieces are placed on small plates, and one will use toothpicks to grab a bite. Or, if the product is in liquid form, they are put in small cups.

The seller is polite enough to allow you to do that. You can go back numerous times if you want. This entices you, the buyer, to know what you are buying and hopefully will buy contentedly.

The Gospel today reminds me of this pre-tasting practice in Taiwan. Peter, James, and John had a “pre-taste” of the glory that is to come in the transfiguration of Jesus. St. Mark described it in superlative form; “Jesus’ clothes became dazzling white, such as no fuller on earth could bleach them.” (Mark 9, 2-3)

Therefore, it was understandable when they suggested to Jesus to make three tents, perhaps intending to prolong, if not to stay forever, in that state of ecstasy, in that joyful and glorious experience with Jesus and two great biblical personalities: Moses and Elijah.

Even if they did not totally understand what had happened, that religious experience must have significantly impacted their lives. This experience must have given them strength in times of difficulties.

But Jesus brought them down from the mountain to face life’s daily challenges to continue their mission. Jesus transfigured had shown them the glory that is yet to come.  

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