What Jesus Wills to Do

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The WORD in other words by Fr. Joey Miras, SVD (Canada)

Monday 5th Week in Ordinary Time

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When VP Leni Robredo was appointed co-chair of ICAD (Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs), her primary concern in accepting the responsibility, which was highlighted by many reporters and journalists, was to save lives (innocent lives). She said, “Even if we say that the offer was mere politicking and the government agencies will not follow me, and they will do everything for me not to succeed, I’m ready to bear all of these. Because if I can save one innocent life, my principles and heart are telling me I should give it a try,”

This reflection is not to sanctify the VP, but her words closely refer to what Jesus did when he began preaching and teaching thousands of years ago. Jesus did not say he wanted to save only one innocent human life but all human lives. He wanted to protect the people not only from drugs but from all threats and dangers to life. He wanted them to be free from hunger, thirst, sickness, and evil spirits. He desired to free them from death. He wanted them to have eternal life. 

People, in this passage from Mark, were coming to Jesus to be healed. They brought with them sick people. The recognition of his healing power went even beyond merely being near to Jesus. Even if they could only touch the tassel of his cloak, it would be enough.

Although Mark presents Jesus as someone with healing powers, he also gives credit to the faith of the people, further reinforcing it with Jesus’ words later in the gospel, “Go in peace and be well!” When God’s will is met with faith, everything will end well.  

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