Happiness in the Eyes of God

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The WORD in other words (2023) by Fr Lino Nicasio SVD — The National Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus, Manila

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

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To be “blessed” has different meanings to different people. Some equate blessedness with luck; hence, blessed or lucky in marriage, business, work, studies, or in some other enterprise one undertakes. God does not need to enter the picture here, for “Lady Luck” is in control. Others associate blessedness with eating round fruits, especially on New Year or Chinese New Year.

In the Gospel, however, we find a different and real meaning of blessedness, which means abundant blessings of God, including joy, peace, serenity, and happiness in the Lord. Blessedness has nothing to do with luck, wealth, or financial prosperity, but with how one IS before the Lord: poor for the sake of God and the kingdom, being sorrowful for sins, being meek and humble like Jesus, being holy before the Lord and bearing insults and persecutions for the sake of God.

There are quite a number of books on how to be happy, but I believe they all miss the point if what they propose doesn’t touch on what Jesus teaches about happiness or blessedness. Many are sad, lonely, and even depressed in this “valley of tears;” let them read and reflect on the Beatitudes, making life meaningful, blessed, and happy. Indeed true happiness comes only from the Lord. May his blessings come upon us always.

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