What is Our Attitude Before Jesus?

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Antonio Enerio, SVD (Switzerland)

Thursday 2nd Week in Ordinary Time

Photo: Divine Word College of Legazpi Chapel

In today’s Gospel, we can see three groups of people who accurately represent the types of communities today.  

First, the disciples who answered the call to follow Jesus and offered their service in whatever way He asked for, like preparing a boat for him.

Second, the multitude, those looking to be healed or wanting to see a miracle.  They followed Him from place to place even though they did not consider themselves as true disciples.

And lastly, the unclean spirits, who knew who Jesus was.  They knew that torment awaited them, yet they did not show repentance at all.

Which group do we place ourselves in?  Are we among the faithful disciples committed to Jesus unreservedly?  

Do we belong to those who are interested but up to now have not yet reached the point of following Him in whatever capacity of service we are capable of?

Or do we belong to the group who is determined to resist Him?

Today is the time to make a choice. 

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