Healing and a Quite Place

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Sister Tessa Artita, SSpS (Manila)

Wednesday 1st Week in Ordinary Time

No need for too many words, nor coaxing from Andrew, James, and John, Jesus’ compassionate energy oozed gently to Simon’s febrile mother-in-law. With the body temperature back to normal, refreshed, and inspirited, “Ema” (pronounced Eemo, Hebrew for Mom) was up and about sharing that hospitality of a mother to her guests. Was she ever aware that her hospitality was her participation in the mission of Jesus?

Jesus enters our human lives, and what happens? We won’t be the same person as we used to be. A transformation starts from deep within us because of that sacred encounter. How do we let Jesus enter into our lives?

Experiencing physical drain from the evening’s significant number of healing sessions that followed, Jesus felt the necessity to be quiet in a deserted place early the next day. Deep within Him was a desire to be in constant communication with His Father, to be alone and spend time entirely to prayer, and be strengthened again. He needed this precious moment before the break of dawn.

How do we feel about Jesus earnestly finding a place of quiet just to have a sacred moment with His Abba, before and after a hectic response to the call of mission? How do we feel about ourselves, when we so easily give excuses for prioritizing less this sacred moment in prayer?  

At the end of our day’s activities, may we give glory to God for the day spent filled with His blessings!

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