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The WORD in other words (2023) by Fr. Jong Biton, SVD — DWS, Tagaytay City

January 4 Before Epiphany

Image source: Wikimedia Commons , John pointing Jesus to Andrew

What did the disciples of John see in Jesus that made them declare “we have found the Messiah?” He was initially just a teacher to them. After coming and staying with him, however, everything changed.

The Gospel did not elaborate on what happened during their stay with him. But come to think of it, a day with the Lord made all the difference in their lives. 

Today, the Lord invites us to “stay” with him, even just for a day. He who asked his disciples, “What are you looking for?” knows the longing of our hearts. Let us stay with him and allow him to show what wonders he can do to renew our lives and our perspectives. 

To stay with the Lord is to know him better. It is to have deep conversations with him. It is to be intimate with him.

If this happens, then it is good to discern whether your “stay” with him has made a difference in you in the way it did with the disciples. If it did, then you will not only be able to confess to having “found the Messiah,” but be so transformed like John, who can now lead others to Christ, saying,  “There is the Lamb of God.”

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