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The WORD in other words (2019) by Fr. Eugene Docoy, SVD (USC, Cebu City)

 January 3 / Before Epiphany

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In today‘s gospel, John testifies to the coming of the Savior who would be   baptizing with the Holy Spirit. John is a mere instrument, paving the way for His   coming. In his testimony, John did not project himself as the great one, but rather   humbles himself as a mere precursor of someone greater than he: “… a man is coming   after me who ranks ahead of me because he existed before me”   

In all that we do for God‘s Kingdom, let us be humble enough to keep in mind   that we are mere servants of the Lord. The mission that we do is not really ours. It is ultimately the Lord‘s mission; we are only partakers. Thus, we cannot take full credit   for our every success; we can neither be so distressed in our farlures since God is with   us in our incompleteness.   

I‘ve been thirty years in the ministry of making Jesus known through socially   oriented works mostly for distressed migrant workers abroad and the socially disadvantaged population in southern Philippines. They were arduous and challenging   years laced with humble successes and indeed with many failures and mistakes too. I   remain in the ministry because of the outpouring of God‘s grace.   

While I feel signs of fatigue and slowing down, retirement is far off from my   mind. I can still do many things, albeit at a slower pace. Whatever I may continuously   be doing for the good of the kingdom and its people, I keep in mind that I am only a servant of God. Like John the Baptist, I only do what I have to do, under the shadow of the greater One.   

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