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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. John O’Mahony, SVD (DWS, Tagaytay City)

Friday 29th Week in Ordinary Time

Image source: Wikipedia Commons, Africa on the Move

Today’s gospel tells us that Jesus is pointing to the mystery of the rejection by so many of his generation of the kingdom, which he proclaims through his words and deeds (Columba Breen, Feed from the Tree of Life).

He will later speak to the Pharisees as “blind leaders.” They are clever enough to read the signs concerning the weather but the urgency of the call to repentance and renewal they cannot see. Surely many of them were good and well-meaning people, but they were too caught up in their rules and regulations. So they “missed the boat.” 

What are some of “the signs of the times” that we as Christians might have difficulty discerning today? Pope Francis has often referred to some of the big issues. For example, our mother earth is not well; many people are suffering as a result, and yet, governments with their big policies and we, in our little ways, seem to find it very difficult to make the needed lifestyle changes.  

Social media are pointing out a great new way of proclaiming the Word of God and promoting the cause of justice, compassion, peace, etc. Yet, despite best efforts, many are still all too willing to surrender the potential of the media to those who promote values and advocacies that are far from the gospel message preached by Jesus.

How many times have you or I “missed the boat” because we preferred not to see the signs all around us? Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us spend more time on the teachings of Jesus so that we truly can make his wisdom the foundation of our lives. 

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