Temptation of Time

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The WORD in other words (2021) by Fr. Emmanuel Menguito, SVD, (Spiritual Director, Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City)

Wednesday 29th Week in Ordinary Time

The chief devil wanted to check who among the three novice devils would be most effective in being tempters so that they could be promoted as full-time devils. 

The first novice devil said that he would convince humans that there was no God. At this, the chief devil laughed in derision saying that people knew that there was a God, although their following that God would be another issue. 

The second said that he would convince people that there was no such thing as sin, for it was but an illusion. The chief devil said that such would not work because one only had to look at countless humans who felt guilty when doing something wrong or bad. 

Came the third novice devil who sheepishly said: “I will tell humans that there is so much time.” The chief devil laughed in pleasure, for he judged the answer to be the most effective in enticing humans.

This little anecdote is clear with the message it wants to impart. Complacency will certainly invite disaster for the complacent. It is no surprise that our Lord, in today’s gospel, reminds us that readiness will always be a virtue. It is the essential attitude that anyone should have, for no one is certain when death will come.

Indeed, preparedness makes one ready for any eventuality; it makes one alert to respond to the call of the situation. Preparedness is the key to gaining or losing eternal life. Surely, no one would knowingly want to lose the life in eternity that God has promised to us all. 

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